this is metal as fuck http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercy_Brown_Vampire_Incident

420 blaze


ウルフズレイン k i b a  l o v e


ウルフズレイン k i b a  l o v e

*puts my boob in ur hand* hello how are u 

shake her hand 

when I first saw punpun’s mom i thought she had wings but they were on backwards or something….but then I was like “oh..”

Oyasumi Punpun´s pixels (Pack 2)


Well I finished this.

imageimageimageimageimageimage (All Punpun´s family)

imageimage image image

image image image image  image

image (If anyone want this cute pixel of Aiko)

That´s all, I think is everything ok. Feel free to use them and please, don´t repost them, If you want other pixels from Oyasumi Punpun feel free to ask me too.1

And, if you want to see the first Pack go here <— !!!




you ever look at a kink and think “nah” then a few years later look at the same kink and go “actually yes”